Environmental Restoration Services

For over 20 years, Jones Associates, Inc. designed, permitted and implemented numerous environmental solutions to restore and protect wetlands and other sensitive habitats.

Our most recent expansion has been the formation of Environmental Restorations Services, LLC. ERS uses a specialized fleet of equipment, designed to provide efficient earthmoving and construction services with the least possible impact on the environment. This includes low ground pressure (LGP) equipment for all phases of construction. This design-build capability allows us to provide our clients a very cost effective product.

Environmental Restoration Services include:

  • Wetland construction
  • Vernal pool creation and enhancement
  • Tree Planting

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Example of Restoration Projects:

This stream restoration project restored an extremely degraded reach of a river which had collapsed. Restoration work included removal of the fallen concrete bridge decking and remnants of the bridge abutments. Rootwad streambank stabilization techniques stabilized the stream banks. River water forces are deflected away from the bank by the root structure, limiting bank erosion. In addition, the roots provide a source of food for aquatic insects, fish habitat and habitat for other aquatic animals. Live stake plantings decrease soil erosion and enhance soil drainage characteristics. The restoration has restored fish passage through this section, stabilized the river banks and prevented continued erosion.

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