Bioretention and Erosion Control

Many projects are required to design and implement stormwater, phosphorous and erosion control measures to protect resources. Careful protection of the resources surrounding a watershed will protect the future viability of the watershed. Over the years, Rick Jones has been involved in both the design and construction of projects that required storm water control.

Bioretention areas, also known as rain gardens, are landscaping features adapted to provide on-site treatment of stormwater runoff. We have designed and constructed numerous biotention cells to treat stormwater runoff at industrial subdivisions and in residential subdivisions.

Rick has conducted a number of workshops for engineers, designers and consultants on the installation and use of bioretention systems. Finding a void in the availability of practical designs and products, Rick has developed design methodologies and products specifically to the requirements of the clients and the regulations governing their projects. JAI received requests from engineers, developers and contractors for a product ready-made to purchase.

Working with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, we have developed a media mix that follows Best Management Practices for storm water control.
Jones Associates, Inc. and ERS LLC evaluate, plan, and implement erosion control and stormwater measures on a regular basis. Our erosion control services include:

  • Watershed delineation
  • Stormwater treatment design
  • Phosphorus Control Design
  • Buffer Design
  • Erosion Control Plans
  • Phosphorus Control Plans
  • Stormwater Management Control Plans
  • Permitting in shoreland zones and direct watersheds of public water supplies
  • Buffer Maintenance and Management Plans